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The 5 Most Over Used Words In Youth Ministry

By Doug Franklin September 7, 2009

Having spent the last 25 years in youth ministry, I’ve seen lots of things, but the one thing that bothers me the most is the exaggerated claims of ministry programs. Sometimes at youth conferences I walk around the exhibit hall just to see how many times these words are used. I have to amuse myself or I get too angry.

1.    Life Change

If all the programs that claimed “life change” worked, there would be no need for any more youth ministry. The truth is, no program produces life change…that is the work of God. I have come to understand what “life change” actually means is emotional high or hype; which, don’t get me wrong, is not bad but it’s not life change.

2.    Revolution or sometimes used as Revolutionary
You knew this one was coming. This one has been so over used I just laugh whenever it’s promoted.  My question is, why do these revolutions always happen on 24 city tours?

3.    Low Price
This one kills me. We all understand to have a transformational program you need to minister to small numbers of students at one time, which means you need lots of staff, which means high costs. So anytime you see “low price” you know it means low impact. Price has nothing to do with effectiveness. If you want to have your students do something and you don’t care if its transformational then go “low price.” If you want real life change or something revolutionary then that’s going to take big bucks. See how easy it is….

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