Wednesday Freebie: Personality Type Assessment

By Doug Franklin May 28, 2014

In college I had a friend who volunteered in a youth ministry. He especially loved leading trips—mission trips, camp experiences—but always felt as if something was off. He felt called to sit one-on-one with students, developing deep relationships and digging into their lives. So he’d pull students aside and try to encourage and empathize and relate. Yet, try as he might, conversations stayed shallow. He kept reverting to organizational topics: “Have you done your daily devotional yet?” “Who’s in charge of cleanup tonight?” “Don’t forget to pack your things by two o’clock.” Every time a conversation started leading somewhere deeper, he’d glance at his watch, worried about the next scheduled activity. The students felt rushed, and he felt like a failure.

The problem wasn’t that he was unqualified for student ministry leadership. He just didn’t understand his personality type. He was trying to be a Connector, someone whose strength lies in relating to others, when he was actually a Coordinator, a task oriented leader who values stability and responsibility. By learning his true personality type, he could have placed himself in positions to better accommodate his passions and utilize his skills. If and when he found himself in relational situations, he’d be aware of his tendency to turn conversations back to organizational topics. Then he could strive to stay in the moment.

What’s your personality type? What about your volunteers and student leaders? If you’re not sure, don’t worry. LeaderTreks has a Personality Type Assessment that will help you and your students name and understand the qualities that make you who you are. This will be especially helpful as you prepare your leadership team for upcoming mission trips. Download the free Personality Type assessment HERE. You’ll be shocked to discover how smoothly your team will mesh when everyone is leading in the areas for which God designed them.


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