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What Outcomes Do You Want For Your Youth Leadership Programs?

By Guest Contributor April 25, 2014

When people think of the term “youth leadership programs” many different concepts may come to mind. This could include teaching children to hone their natural leadership skills in areas such as communication, decision-making, and providing support and guidance to others. For other groups it may be in developing a more Christian leadership perspective that has a strong foundation in biblical teaching and less emphasis on specific skills. Top programs combine the two and create a fun learning environment that youth enjoy and learn, both from instructors and each other.

Understanding what you want in your youth leadership programs is a critical first step in developing new programs or in updating and revamping existing trainings. Since either developing or redeveloping training for the youth in a church can be a very big undertaking, hiring outside professional facilitators may be an effective option.

Ask For Outcomes

Well-developed youth leadership programs clearly define the objectives of the learning results participants will achieve when they complete the training. Typically these will include a greater understanding of leadership in ministry or in the world around them, but with a biblical perspective that is based on sound principles.

In addition the training should provide participants with a framework for understanding different types of leaders and leadership methods. Having this knowledge will assist them in gaining an appreciation for other leadership styles while also capitalizing on the ability to shift their styles based on the people they are working with.

Skill Development

All people learn differently, but most people learn best when they have a chance to hear about new ideas and concepts in leadership and then try them out. When deciding what youth leadership programs you want to use, look for those programs that allow students and youth participants to actually try out the skills and concepts that are being presented in the program.

Top youth leadership programs will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the entire training. This allows for the entire committee or group making the selection of trainers to review the information and then, based on the information, make the best decision for their youth training program.


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