Youth Group Ideas for Small Churches

By Casey Powell June 9, 2023

Youth groups in smaller churches have the potential to create a family atmosphere for youth. Youth group gatherings play an essential role in cultivating spiritual growth and providing opportunities for a close-knit community. Despite smaller churches having limited resources, opportunities still exist to create vibrant and meaningful youth groups. Let’s discuss practical ideas and provide inspiration for youth groups of small churches.

Despite smaller churches having limited resources, opportunities still exist to create vibrant and meaningful youth groups.

Three ideas to help small churches captivate and equip their youth:

1. INTERACTIVE Game Nights.

Game nights build relationships as well as creating opportunities to engage and connect with students. Game nights featuring board games, card games, or even video games can encourage teamwork, friendly competition, and even spiritual growth. Include games such as Bible trivia or scripture verse scavenger hunts that encourage discussion, teamwork, and can even deepen the understanding of scripture.

2. outdoor adventures.

Take advantage of nature by organizing an outdoor adventure or retreat. For example, plan a hiking trip, kayak excursion, outdoor Bible study, or a nature walk. These outdoor adventures provide opportunities for youth to encounter God uniquely. They also provide opportunities to develop unity within your group. Within these adventures, allow moments for youth to reflect and share about their experience. By going on an outdoor adventure, you can eliminate distractions in order to promote a deeper appreciation for God’s creation as well as create lasting memories for youth.

3. Service Projects with Impact.

Service Projects create opportunities for youth to actively live out their faith. Plan food drives, visit nursing homes, or serve senior adults in your church and community. Furthermore, by focusing on service, youth may discover hidden talents, develop leadership qualities, and gain a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

These simple youth group ideas can create impactful moments, especially for those youths in smaller churches. By providing interactive game nights, outdoor adventures, and impactful service projects, small churches can encourage their youth to grow spiritually, build strong relationships, and make a positive impact in their communities.

About the Author

Casey Powell

Casey Powell is Director of Sales & Marketing at LeaderTreks. He lives in Mississippi and has served in youth ministry nearly 20 years. He has a deep passion for all things youth-ministry-related, including discipleship and student leadership. He enjoys family time, the great outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping), and cheering on the Ole Miss Rebels!