Junior High Christmas Lesson

By Doug Franklin November 13, 2020

In this post, you’ll find a junior high Christmas lesson that’s perfect for reminding your junior highers about why Jesus came to earth and is worthy of our worship.

It’s our opinion that junior high ministry is where the action is; in fact, supernatural energy is required to love on junior highers. Whether it’s an intense game of dodgeball, a seemingly never-ending stretch of Disney sing alongs, or an especially interactive small group Bible study and discussion, junior highers keep us active. They force us to get creative and break out all the stops to help them learn and engage. (Especially at Christmastime!)

But the truth is that we need to bring our A-game! After all, junior high ministry has become the most important ministry in our churches. Due to the drop in the age of adolescence, junior high students are now making the most critical decisions of their lives between the ages of 12–15. They are forming judgments, making faith decisions, and developing their worldview well before high school.

So this year we wanted to offer a special free Christmas lesson for junior high to support the few, the proud, and the crazy junior high youth workers we know are out there. Get a look inside of “The First Noel” and download the lesson below.

This junior high Christmas lesson comes from the Carols 4-Lesson series in our year-long curriculum Gear Up. Gear Up is designed to help junior highers develop a strong foundation of faith.

junior high christmas lesson

a look inside this junior high christmas lesson:

Did you know that Noel comes from a French word that means Christmas? A popular Christmas carol, “The First Noel,” describes how people responded to Jesus’ birth on that first Christmas over 2,000 years ago. This carol talks about two contrasting groups—poor shepherds and rich wise men—and how both groups respond to Jesus in the same way. They worship him.

Bible passages

Isaiah 60:2-3 and Matthew 2:1-12

junior high christmas lesson memory verse

discussion questions

Here’s a look at some of the questions you’ll see inside this junior high Christmas lesson:

  • What do you think the darkness and light represent in Isaiah?
  • Give an example in your life where there was darkness, and then light and/or hope broke through. (It could be literal or figurative.)
  • How did the wise men respond when they found what they were searching for?
  • Brainstorm all the different ways you can respond to Jesus in worship. Remember, worship includes more than just singing.

memory verse:

Isaiah 60:3

download your free junior high christmas lesson:

junior high curriculum

Navigating junior high can be a difficult time, especially for students trying to follow Jesus. Gear Up is a year-long curriculum (48 lessons) that looks at common struggles of junior high students and addresses how to view those things through a biblical lens. By studying various themes and books of the Bible, students will see that their faith impacts the way they live, even now in junior high. Gear Up is designed to help students build a foundation of faith, equipping them to follow Jesus. Help students learn what it means to pursue Jesus and commit to a life with him.

Here’s what will be included in the curriculum:

  • 48 Lessons (divided into monthly, 4-lesson series) (PDF and Word)
  • Parent Guides (with conversation starters)
  • Media and Graphics
  • Video Training
  • Memory Verses (ready to share on social media)

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