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Leadership Thrives on Collaboration

By Doug Franklin October 6, 2010

Today was a funny day in the LeaderTreks office. Today two different churches in our area each held planning meetings and dream sessions for their small group ministries. I’ve become involved this year in helping run our adult small group ministry and have really been enjoying it. As I was in our meeting today I was reminded of how much our church leadership both relies and thrives on collaboration. If a team of people were not coming around our senior pastor and helping him develop and run the small group ministry, he’d do a good job, but probably not a great job. By bringing others around him and letting the team run the ministry and come up with new ideas, success is much more likely.

It’s the same with youth ministry. If we successfully train our volunteer staff to think of themselves as leaders in the ministry rather than just volunteers, then we can create a team of people who are always looking for ways to improve the ministry through creativity and innovation. Which is a great thing.

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