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Pay Checks

By Doug Franklin November 4, 2009

Have you ever had a conversation about your pay with your Sr. Pastor? I am surprised by how many youth workers I meet who are frustrated with their pay but have never told anyone at their church about their problem. Churches right now are low on funds, but youth workers need to have an open dialogue with church leaders about their finances. Think through these ideas:

1. Get a financial mentor
Many youth workers are young and don’t know much about pay, retirement or budgeting. Find someone in your church who can coach you on financial matters. Ask an older guy in the church who knows what he is talking about and have him take you around the block on finances. Years later you will thank him.

2. Get an employment advocate
Youth workers need a leader at church who is looking out for them on employment issues. Most youth workers would do the ministry for free because they believe sacrifice is what God wants from them. Some church leaders know this and honestly take advantage of this thinking (not all but some). If you are a youth worker in your first job, ask an elder or church leader to be your employment advocate. This person should know everything about your financial situation and should be able to communicate to the church your needs.

3. Get a Biblical perspective on money
If you are going to stumble, it’s most likely going to be because of two areas in your life: sex or money. You better get a Biblical perspective on both. When we are unhappy about money we start thinking the worst about the people in our church, so we better start communicating about our needs and problems. Most churches can’t do much right now, but as long as we are communicating honestly we will not be gossiping or complaining, thus fulfillin what Scripture requires of us in these areas.

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