Encounters and HERO

One-year curriculum that challenges students to move past simply knowing the Word to living God’s truth
Combined with special features found only in our HERO Membership

Why Encounters?

Students don’t know how they fit into God’s story!

God’s story is getting lost in a sea of competing stories. Students don’t see that they’ve been invited to join the truest, most life-changing adventure with God. Encounters is a year-long curriculum (52 lessons) that challenges students to move past simply knowing the Word to living God’s truth.

Throughout Encounters, students will wrestle with cultural issues from the perspective of Scripture’s big picture, draw connections between the Old and New Testaments, and grow to understand their calling as citizens of Heaven living on Earth. We each stand at the crossroads between God’s invitation and the world—let’s choose to find our place in God’s story!

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Encounters has replaced Intersections. Each updated lesson includes brand new content and we’ve included a completely new and expanded graphics package.

Encounters + HERO

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Youth workers with HERO get intentional about discipleship, organize their ministries, and save big.

Unlock key features inside of Encounters with your HERO Membership.

  • Access HERO’s exclusive Student Discipleship Tracker inside of Youth Ministry Apps
  • Train your volunteers with over 18 unique video training sessions in the HERO Training Zone
  • Share lessons with your teachers and small group leaders using HERO’s Online Teacher Management System

$330.00 one time, and
$99.00 / year

Encounters and HERO

$330.00 one time, and
$99.00 / year