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Intersections and HERO

One-year curriculum that challenges students to move past simply knowing the Word to living God’s story.
Combined with special features found only in our HERO Membership

Why Intersections?

Intersections includes 52 completely downloadable and easy-to-use lessons. It also features parent guides, media & graphics, and experiential activities.

It’s so easy to go through our day just checking boxes. We’ve forgotten that we’ve been invited to join an epic story—an adventure that unfolds as the Bible confronts our lives. Intersections is a year-long curriculum (52 lessons) that challenges students to move past simply knowing the Word to living God’s story.

Throughout Intersections, students will revisit familiar themes with the perspective of Scripture’s big picture—from God’s creation of the world, to what went wrong, to his plan to save it. They will also grow to understand their calling as citizens of Heaven living on Earth. Stepping into God’s epic story will bring them to many crossroads between God’s invitation and the world. When those moments come, help them choose.

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Intersections + HERO

leadertreks youth ministry hero membership

Youth workers with HERO get intentional about discipleship, organize their ministries, and save big.

Unlock key features inside of Vantage with your HERO Membership.

  • Access HERO’s exclusive Student Discipleship Tracker inside of Youth Ministry Apps
  • Train your volunteers with over 18 unique video training sessions in the HERO Training Zone
  • Share lessons with your teachers and small group leaders using HERO’s Online Teacher Management System

$429.00 now,
then $99.00 / year

Intersections and HERO

$429.00 now,
then $99.00 / year