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Led by the Least

This one’s really about the leadership principles found in the least of the world. It takes a look at some of the world’s biggest problems, and identifies people (in the Bible and in life) who spent their lives leading change in some of the world’s darkest places.

Number of Lessons: 5

Lesson Topics:

  • The Least Lead with Unwavering Commitment
  • The Least Lead beyond Their Power
  • The Least Lead with Significant Sacrifice
  • The Least Lead with Selfless Courage
  • The Least Lead with Compelling Love

Our favorite part of this curriculum is that each lesson has an experiential activity that allows your students to practice every leadership principle. Whether it¥Ë_s writing a letter to a persecuted prisoner for Christ, or eating lunch with a bunch of strangers, each activity requires your students to live out some of the greatness found in people who have made a difference among least.

Each lesson in the Student Guide contains:

  • An example of the least in the Bible
  • An example of the least in life
  • Discussion questions
  • A scale to rate how we are personally living out each principle
  • An application section
  • A value statement activity

The corresponding Facilitator’s Guide contains the following additional information:

  • Leader’s intro
  • Objectives
  • Team activities
  • Additional resources and tips

We started this series by trying to identify the specific character traits of leaders who made a difference among the least in the world. What we found was that many of those leaders actually were the least. Even in the Bible it was a common theme. So this first book is about the leadership lessons we can learn from the people that the world considers the least.


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