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By Doug Franklin March 10, 2010

I am overwhelmed by how many youth workers have a sour relationship with their sr. pastor. So many youth workers coming into my office telling me stories that break my heart. In fact I have had to look hard to find a youth worker with a good relationship with their sr. pastor. There are a few out there but they are rare.

This got our publishing team thinking: what if we surveyed youth workers and sr. pastors to see what the problem was. So we did – we asked a bunch of pastors from both camps to help us out. The information was interesting and somewhat consistent. To summarize: youth workers value impact, not years spent on the job, while sr. pastors wanted respect for years on the job. There is a lot more to it than this but you will have to read the book to get all the information.

My struggle is what do I call this book – so far I got “My Sr. Pastor Sucks” which many youth workers have told me they love but falls right into the thinking by sr. pastors that youth workers don’t respect them. I would love your thoughts…..

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