Free Youth Ministry Resources for COVID-19

By Doug Franklin March 19, 2020

Recent events related to COVID-19 have led to dramatic changes for many churches and youth groups. And while we know that this is a stressful time, we’ve been greatly encouraged watching youth workers rally to support one another with resources designed to meet the unique needs of this difficult time.

We’ve seen youth workers create daily challenges for their students to do in the midst of quarantine. We’ve noticed youth workers giving practical tips and tricks for hosting youth group online. And we’ve watched many churches put together intentional resources for parents to utilize with their children and students.

We believe that God is at work in the midst of the chaos, and we want to continue to offer support to youth ministries throughout this time.

Here are several free resources we’ve compiled. We hope that they’re a blessing to you and your ministry.

We’ll post about additional resources over the next several weeks, and if there’s anything we can do to help you or your ministry, please give us a call. We’re here to serve you.

(UPDATED: 4/14/2020) Here’s a look at the resources we’ve compiled in this post:

  1. Take Up Your Cross (Blog and Infographic)
  2. Care Cards (At-Home Service Project)
  3. Helping Students Pray (Downloadable Resource)
  4. Devotions for Youth (Downloadable Resource)
  5. Helping Families Connect (At-Home Activities for Students and Parents)
  6. Student Leadership At Home (Downloadable Mini-Journal for Students)
  7. Social Distance Fundraising (6 Virtual Fundraisers for Mission Trips)
  8. Virtual Youth Group Games for COVID-19
  9. DNow At Home (A How-To Guide for a Virtual DNow Event)

Take up your cross

As we approach the season of Easter during this time of uncertainty, we can’t miss the opportunity to teach about the sacrifice of our Savior. Share this blog and accompanying infographic with your students to teach them what it looks like to take up their crosses both now and in the future.

care cards


Try this idea for digital or print “Make-at-Home Care Cards.” Students (alongside their parents!) can send digital or print “Care Cards” to families or individuals who, as a result of COVID-19, are unable to leave their homes during this time. They can simply provide a note of encouragement, or they can offer to help deliver groceries or other essentials.

Helping students pray

This time affords us a great opportunity to help students pray. As they face uncertainty and heightened levels of anxiety, let’s encourage them to run to God in prayer. “Helping Students Pray” is a resource that teaches students several ways to pray. Learn more by watching this Trainingcast episode.

devotions for youth

devotions for youth and teens

As more and more churches cancel services and youth group, students will may have less exposure to the teaching of God’s Word. Now more than ever, there’s value in teaching students how to study the Bible on their own. We’ve put together a set of devotions for youth as well as a set of Bible Study Methods.

Helping families connect

At LeaderTreks we are providing tools to youth workers that can be shared with parents to make them spiritual leaders in their students’ lives. “Helping Families Connect” includes 3 At-Home Activities and Conversation Starters for Parents and Students during COVID-19. Fill out the form below to download this free resource.

student leadership at home

Student Leadership at Home is a great mini-journal for students to learn about godly leadership—even during quarantine. This week of devotions will introduce students to the idea of leadership, challenging students to discover their God-given abilities and God-given mission. At the end of the week, you’ll find a set of questions for mentors. Invite parents to use this resource to disciple their students at home, or equip your small group leaders with a ready-made set of discussion questions.

social distance fundraising

Check out this list of practical and creative social distance fundraisers. Amazing fundraising can still take place for your mission trip or summer camp; it just takes a little creativity!

virtual youth group games

Looking for game ideas to use for your virtual youth group gatherings? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve tried to gather virtual game ideas from all over. Youth workers have shared their suggestions. We’ve scouted ideas from the online youth ministry communities. And we’ve thrown in a few game ideas of our own.

We want to see your students have fun, and we don’t want you or your leaders to miss out on an opportunity to create a meaningful connection with your students.

DNow at Home

Use this guide to help you bring your DNow Event into students’ homes.

It may not be possible to meet in person, so we’ve created this guide to help you use our DNow content, with a few tweaks, to continue reaching your students and encouraging their growth.

You can choose to treat each study like a retreat (do it all in one weekend) or more like small group curriculum (spread it out over 4 weeks).

We’ve also included a Parent-Led option that enables you to equip parents to take the lead at home.

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