I Am A Disciple – Student Journal

40-Day Student Discipleship Journal
Take students through the core lessons Jesus taught his 12 disciples.

“Follow me.” –Jesus (Matt. 4:19)

This is where discipleship starts—following Jesus. We learn from him. We do what he does, go where he goes, and think about what he thinks about. Eventually we start getting on the same page as him, and our communication syncs up. We adopt his rally cry and mission statement. And the farther we go down the road with Jesus, the more we start to look like him. We find ourselves responding to situations the way he would. Our spiritual muscles strengthen as we walk the same terrain he walked.

This book is a 40-day discipleship journal for students.  It is designed to help them walk the road behind Jesus. It will take students through some of the core lessons he taught his 12 disciples as they were learning to become more like him. It’s designed to equip them to follow Christ by developing some of the spiritual muscles they need to make the journey.

I Am a Disciple focuses on eight core roots of discipleship: Each root has several days of Bible Studies (and Bible study methods), challenges, thought provoking experiences, hard questions, and the Marks of a Disciple.

>>Rescue: Seeing God’s redemption story
>>Identity: Knowing who we are in Christ
>>Knowledge: Discovering who God is
>>Kingdom: Living out the values of God’s kingdom
>>Outreach: Owning our mission to serve and make disciples
>>Worship: Growing a lifestyle of worshipping God
>>Apologetics: Sharing God’s truth through words and actions
>>Community: Joining the purpose of the church

Also Included:
Spiritual Gifts Assessment
Pages for your Mentor
Marks of a Disciple

I Am A Disciple – Student Journal


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