Mission Ready

Trip Length: 1-2 weeks
Trip Focus: Evangelism, teamwork and leadership skills
Trip Sites: Navajo Nation, Pawleys Island (SC), Dayton, Memphis, Montana, Costa Rica, and Honduras.
Trip Leadership: Adult leaders

Mission Ready trips allow you to engage with a community through service and outreach. Students will be working with churches that are reaching out to the poor, needy, lost and broken in their communities. Your team will provide energy and resources to help these churches have the most impact. They will serve the community through a work project and with a pre-planned outreach.

The pre-planned outreach on a Mission Ready trip intensifies the leadership development program as students are given full ownership of that portion of the trip.  This is typically a Vacation Bible School, an English Language Camp, or a Sports Camp that students will plan and lead.  Before the trip ever starts, students will plan and organize the outreach program.  You and the LeaderTreks staff will support and encourage them during this planning process. On the trip, students will have complete ownership and will lead it. Each night, the team will evaluate the day and make necessary adjustments to navigate obstacles, and clearly share the love of Christ. This gives significant leadership development opportunities as students work together towards excellence.