2020 Crazy Christmas Bundle

Our Biggest Bundle EVER!

Get something for everyone on your list

Here’s what’s under the tree this year:

For High School

  • Gritty Leadership: 4-Lesson Series ($34.95 Value)
    • 4 Bible-based Lessons to help your students develop the grittiness they need to persevere as leaders for Jesus
    • Includes Digital Guides for Students, Volunteers, and Parents
    • Features Experiential Learning Activities and Media/Graphics
  • Wholehearted: 4-Lesson Series ($34.95 Value) 
    • 4 Bible-based Lessons to encourage your students to go all-in as they walk with Jesus
    • Includes Digital Guides for Students, Volunteers, and Parents
    • Features Experiential Learning Activities and Media/Graphics
  • 3 Downloadable Discipleship Activities ($45 Value)
    • Bible Study Methods ($15 Value) 
      • Tool to introduce students to 5 unique Bible Study Methods
    • Unique Abilities Inventory ($15 Value) 
      • Tool to help students discover how God has uniquely wired them 
    • Helping Students Pray ($15.00 Value)
      • Tool to teach students 3 creative ways to pray


For Junior High

  • Savior Solution: 4-Lesson Series ($20.00 Value) 
    • 4 Bible-based Lessons to help your students learn how Jesus is the solution to our sin problem
    • Includes a 1-page guide for students and volunteers
    • Features a Parent Guide
  • Inner Armor Junior High Retreat Curriculum ($40.00 Value) 
    • 3 Session Retreat to help students realize the potential that God sees in them
    • Includes Icebreaker questions, Bible Studies, and prompts for life application
    • Features  Team Building Games
  • Identity Sermon Series ($15.00 Value)
    • 4 Sermons designed to help students discover their spiritual giftedness and who they are in Christ 
    • Includes discussion questions and points for application


For Parents

  • Discipleship at Home ($34.95 Value) 
    • 8-Lesson Discipleship Curriculum designed to equip parents to disciple their children at home
    • Features a Video, Bible Study, and Discussion Questions with every lesson
    • Includes Prayer Prompts for the family
  • Helping Families Connect ($10.00 Value) 
    • 3 At-Home Activities and Conversation Starters for Parents and Students
  • NEW! Practical Ways to Partner with Parents ($10.00 Value)
    • A Guide to 3 creative ways to connect with and equip parents


For Youth Workers

  • 5 Secrets of a Successful Youth Worker ($20.00 Value) 
    • Video training designed to help you discover ways to leave a lasting impact in your ministry
  • NEW! How to Write Great Questions ($10.00 Value) 
    • Guide to help you brainstorm better discussion questions for small group
  • NEW! How to Build Your Volunteer Team ($10.00 Value) 
    • Guide to help you grow and develop your adult volunteer team


For Volunteers

  • Building Relationships ($40.00 Value)
    • 3-Session Video Training to equip your volunteers to build deeper relationships with students
    • Includes discussion guides
  • Growing Small Group Leaders ($59.00 Value) 
    • One-year of resources for small group coaches
    • Includes a Coaching Style Assessment
  • NEW! Checklist for a Successful Small Group ($10.00 Value) 
    • Tool to help your small group leaders prepare for impact
  • NEW! 5 Tips for Leading Small Group Discussions ($10.00 Value) 
    • Tool to equip small group leaders to get the most out of their small group time


For Student Leaders


For Mission Trips

  • Mission Trip Planning Guide ($15.00 Value) 
    • Guide to ensure that you don’t miss a detail as you plan the logistics of your mission trip 
  • Social Distance Fundraisers ($15.00 Value) 
    • 6 fundraisers that will allow you to accomplish your fundraising goals, even in the midst of a pandemic
  • 5 Team Building Activities ($25.00 Value) 
    • 5 activities to help you build team unity among your students as well as their leadership skills
  • Passport Pre-Trip Training Curriculum ($20.00 Value) 
    • 4-Session training designed to help your students understand God’s heart for missions and their role in His plan
  • Mission Life Post-Trip Training Curriculum ($20.00 Value) 
    • 4-Session training designed to invite students to debrief their mission trip experience and apply what they learned to life back at home 


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2020 Crazy Christmas Bundle


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